Is it time for a personal circuit breaker?

I’ve spoken to many business owners these last few months that haven’t had a holiday since the pandemic began and, if they’re honest, have not switched off from work at all since early 2020. The added pressure of running a business during Covid and many of the usual distractions (holidays, sporting events, socials) being cancelled has meant many entrepreneurs have been focussing on business 24/7 and this simply isn’t sustainable.

Much of the population is close to burn out currently (or Covid fatigue to put it another way) and this is particularly true amongst business leaders. So with the ongoing easing of restrictions now well under way, now is the perfect time to have a personal circuit breaker and recharge the batteries ready for the challenges ahead.

Whilst it’s difficult to arrange a holiday abroad currently, even a long weekend at home where you completely switch off from work will bring tremendous benefits. When you are burnt out you work inefficiently, are more prone to illness, make bad decisions and often cannot see the woods for the trees and even a short break can bring tremendous improvements in these respects.

Here are my top tips for a successful personal circuit breaker:

1. Make sure it’s at least 3 days (it will take at least a day to wind down properly)
2. Arrange things you enjoy doing or do nothing but don’t arrange to do anything you don’t enjoy
3. If you can’t get all of your work done before your break don’t beat yourself up – you’ll be able to get through the list quicker when you have more energy
4. Turn your phone off – no e mails, social media or work related stuff!
5. If you want to keep up to date with the news buy a newspaper
6. Let everyone in the office know you’re only contactable in a genuine emergency that cannot wait until you return
7. Relax – you’ve earned a break!

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