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Why choose an
exit plan?

As a business owner the plan to exit the business that you have invested so much time, energy and money into isn’t always at the top of your agenda. Without establishing an exit plan early on in the life of your business, you may struggle to extract the highest value from your investment when you decide the time has come to take a step back.

Here are just a few reasons why Exit Planning should be a continual process throughout the lifetime of your business:

It gives you control should the unexpected happen
You can proactively develop the business with the future in mind
Mitigates the risk of financial failure
Delivers a plan for retirement or ill-health
Plan A might not be feasible now so have a Plan B ready (Mike Tyson principle – everyone has a plan until they are punched in the mouth)
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The right, tailored plan

From our experience, the simplest of Exit Plans can be just knowing the value you require for your company, and the date by which you want to sell. Even the simplest of plans demand ongoing research and knowledge of the economy, your market in particular, and how the business is performing within it at any one time.

As advisers we can work with you to put the right plan in place tailored to your business and your personal financial objectives. If you are interested in exploring this, there may also be funding available to obtain for any fees that will be incurred.

If you wish to discuss your plans and explore options going forward then please contact Sean Maloney by email on sean@360accountants.co.uk or call 01482 427360.

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