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Specialist Accountancy Services

Here at 360 Chartered Accountants, we have established a bespoke specialist team to work with our Education and Training sector clients as a result of the increased demand for our services. One of our Directors, Andy Jewitt, heads up all work in the sector and has extensive experience of many aspects of training organizations, not just in the provision of ‘traditional’ accountancy services, but in the direct involvement in both operational and financial aspects of training providers, both SFA and EFA funded.

We are an Associate Member of AELP and have, over the last year, partnered with many lead providers, both regionally and nationally, who required an assurance report in respect of their subcontracted provision and have also engaged with lead providers on a consultancy basis in respect of their systems and controls ahead of SFA financial assurance reviews.

Trust our Experienced Team

Obviously, we are now into the second year of the requirement for assurance reports. With our experienced team offering a thorough and efficient streamlined service, we believe our service represents excellent value for money and would be more than happy to offer a free, no obligation chat or meeting ahead of sending a written quote.

With the imminent changes in, and continued uncertainty over, the funding of training provision, we are increasingly seeing the need for robust financial planning, the preparation of detailed financial forecasts and the establishment of strong financial systems for both training providers and employers if they are to face all future threats to funding streams with confidence.

Having been directly involved with clients in the current collaborative process with the SFA, we are well placed to offer sound, useful and valuable financial advice and support. Put simply, we believe that our experience and knowledge of the sector is second to none and that we can genuinely add value above and beyond the service provided by most accountancy firms.

Obviously, as Chartered Accountants, there are also numerous other services we can provide from tax advice and payroll to bookkeeping.

Want more information?

If there is any way you think we could be of assistance or value to your organisation then please call Andy Jewitt on 01482 427360 or email