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The advent of self assessment in 1998 meant that the role of tax inspectors changed overnight.

Previously they were employed to calculate the tax liabilities of taxpayers. Under self assessment however they became watchdogs – reviewing tax returns prepared by individuals and identifying those that may be incorrect or incomplete for further scrutiny.

Those who have been the subject of an enquiry will know how stressful and intrusive they can be, particularly if it is the taxpayer themselves that is handling the enquiries.

Safe hands with 360

HMRC has also been known to take advantage of inexperience and request information they are not entitled to e.g. personal bank statements when enquiring into a business’ affairs.

We are experienced in dealing with investigations (enquiries) in an efficient, professional yet firm manner. We can attend meetings and respond to queries on your behalf. If you are mid way through an enquiry and are worried your adviser is not acting in your best interests then we can also take over the running of the case part way through.

Of course prevention is better than cure and we help all of our clients develop systems and controls to reduce the risk of coming to HMRC’s attention. Tax enquiry protection is also available which covers our fees should you be subjected to an enquiry.

Let 360 submit your tax returns