Exit Strategy

As the world and hopefully the economy is gently tiptoeing into the Spring sunshine, it’s a period of reflection for a lot of business owners. The horrendous 12 months that a lot of people have faced, together with some rumoured impending tax changes has seen, in our experience, owners thinking more and more about some sort of exit strategy. Prior to the 2020 annus horribilis only around 50% of businesses looking to sell had some sort of strategy and I don’t expect that will have changed since.

Now is probably an ideal time to consider what the future holds as there are opportunities for both sellers and buyers in the marketplace. Numerous investors or businesses looking to diversify their trading sectors are actively looking for acquisitions so putting together a plan and understanding the nuances that a sale brings are critical to any strategy.

We have therefore decided to deliver a webinar to explain some of the points that need to be considered when pulling together an exit strategy. The webinar contains 2 critical guest presentations, which are not to be missed:

  • Legal aspects of a transaction – Nasim Sharf from Wilkin Chapman, one of the most highly regarded solicitors in this field
  • An investors point of view – Richard Pennack and Steve Rooms who are active investors and will give an insight into their side of the transaction
  • Myself (Sean Maloney) will be discussing the accounting, taxation and valuation implications

To find out more on how to register, follow the below link..


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