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Many of us are making hasty adjustments to daily practices, including working from home and are being faced with a new situation to get to grips with.

Working from home doesn’t need to mean lack of focus and productivity, it can, with less distractions and the correct tools, lead to increased results and maintain engagement.

Here is a summary of 26 of the tools and apps that we swear by to help us stay on task and operating:


  1. Xero – the bookkeeping system that we love due to its simplicity and the number of other support apps it integrates with
  2. GoCardless – an easy way to set clients up on direct debit to automate payment of invoices and reduce admin
  3. Chaser – sends automated reminders for overdue invoices to improve your cash-flow
  4. Receipt Bank – digitally converts receipts and adds them to your bookkeeping system to reduce admin time
  5. Futrli/ Flow – predicts your future cash-flow by forecasting & managing your revenues and costs


  1. Canva – quickly and easily creates graphics and memes for use in social media marketing
  2. Hootsuite/ Tweetdeck – allows you to schedule social media posts to remove distractions and make sure you’re posting at the right times
  3. Pexels – royalty free images for use in your social media and marketing
  4. Fiverr – a marketplace for freelancer resource for anything from blog writing to video creation to design
  5. com – transcribes video content quickly and effectively into written text or subtitles


  1. Acuity/ Calendly – automates the booking of appointments in your diary, including confirmations and reminders
  2. Trello/ Asana – an easy way to manage and delegate tasks for you and your team
  3. Mindnode – mind map ideas with this simple and visual tool
  4. Active Campaign/ Mail Chimp – manage your customer contacts and send marketing emails to your database
  5. Toggl – track time spent on clients/ projects so you can bill accordingly and keep track of scheduled activity


  1. Slack/ Whatsapp – stay in touch with your team and clients without clogging up your email inbox
  2. Zoom – virtual meetings where you can share documents, screenshare and record the call
  3. Zencastr – record podcasts remotely and without all of the expensive equipment
  4. Dropbox – store and share documents securely with your customers & team
  5. SurveyMonkey – get feedback from your team and database with this simple survey tool
  6. Audible – access audio books on any subject so you can learn on the go


  1. LastPass – secures all your passwords safely
  2. Stripe/ PayPal – make and collect payments quickly and safely
  3. OfficeVibe – collect anonymous feedback from your team regularly to improve teamwork and staff retention
  4. Otter – generates transcriptions from video recordings, voice recordings, zoom meetings and any other audio
  5. WeTransfer – allows the sending of huge files without clogging up email systems

Last but not least, don’t forget THE app you shouldn’t be without, the 360 app.

Helping you with mileage claims, tax calculations, expenses logs, regular news bulletins and much, much more, you can download it here…


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