Our commitment to you during COVID-19

We thought it pertinent to reach out to you during these most challenging of times to explain how we’ve adjusted our business model to ensure continuation of service but also the initiatives we’ve implemented to keep our clients fully up to speed with the government’s business and taxpayer support that is available.

Many of our team had already been working from home when we decided to close the offices on 24 March and visitors had been prohibited from entering our Hull and Withernsea premises for several days. Thankfully, our early intervention coupled with sensible behaviour from all of the team means that, to date, none of them have, we believe, caught the virus.

As our IT is accessible remotely and we are an almost paperless office then working remotely has not been an issue although there are obviously challenges with answering the phones, opening post and servicing clients who do not keep digital records and we will explain what we’ve been doing in these respects later in this publication.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has taken the time to thank us for the support we’ve been giving our clients (and others) during these unique times. Every message, on line review, letter and verbal appreciation has been passed on to the relevant person / people and it really gives us a boost when someone takes the time to show their appreciation. The coverage we’ve received in the local media and business community has meant that, on occasions, we’ve been deluged with questions and queries, not just from clients but from other business owners too who have been struggling to find answers from their own professional advisers. Thank you for bearing with us whilst we have been dealing with an unprecedented demand on our resources.

Finally, to our vulnerable clients, we want you to know we’re here for you to help in any way we can, not just on financial matters. If you need help in any way whatsoever (shopping, something needs fixing, a shoulder to cry on ) then please pick up the phone and ring our MD Andy Steele on 0778 753 1993 – if he can’t help then he probably knows somebody who can! We’ve got your back during these challenging times!


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